Isaiah 40:11

“Our Good Shepherd has in His flock a variety of experiences. Some are strong in the Lord, and others are weak in faith; but He is impartial in His care for all His sheep, and the weakest lamb is as dear to Him as the strongest in the flock. Lambs are prone to lag behind, to wander, and are apt to grow weary; but from all the danger of these infirmities the Shepherd protects them with His arm of power.

He finds newborn souls, like young lambs, ready to perish-He nourishes them until life becomes vigorous. He finds weak minds ready to faint and die-He consoles them and renews their strength. All the little ones He gathers, for it is not the will of our heavenly Father that one of them should perish. What a quick eye He must have to see them all! What a tender heart to care for them all!

What a far-reaching and powerful arm, to gather them all! In His lifetime on earth He was a great gatherer of the weaker sort, and now that He dwells in heaven, His loving heart extends to the meek and contrite, the timid and feeble, the fearful and fainting here below. How gently He gathered me to Himself, to His truth, to His blood, to His love, to His Church!

With what effectual grace did He compel me to come to Himself! Since my conversion, He has frequently restored me from my wanderings and once again gathered me within the circle of His everlasting arms! The best of all is that He does it all Himself. He does not delegate the task of love but condescends Himself to rescue and preserve His most unworthy servant. How will I love or serve Him enough?

I long to make His name great to the ends of the earth, but what can my feebleness do for Him? Great Shepherd, add to Your mercies this humble request: Grant me a heart to love You more truly as I ought.

 C.H. Spurgeon


“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Believer, you can bear your testimony that Christ is the only Son from the Father, as well as the firstborn from the dead.
You can say, “He is divine to me, even if He is regarded as simply human by the world.
He has done for me what only God could do.
He has subdued my stubborn will, melted a rebellious heart, opened gates of brass, and snapped bars of iron.
He has turned my mourning into laughter and my desolation into joy;
He has led my captivity captive and made my heart rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
Let others think of Him as they will–to me He must be the only Son from the Father: Blessed be His name.

And He is full of grace.

If He had not been, I would never have been saved.
He drew me when I struggled to escape from His grace; and when at last I came trembling like a condemned culprit to His mercy-seat He said, ‘Take heart, My son; your sins are forgiven.’
And He is full of truth. His promises have been true; not one has failed. I testify that no servant ever had such a master as He; no brother ever had such a relative as He has been to me; no spouse ever had such a husband as Christ has been to my soul; no sinner ever had a better Savior, no mourner a better comforter than Christ has been to my spirit.

He is all I need!

In life He is my life, and in death He will be the death of death;
in poverty Christ is my riches;
in sickness He is my great physician;
in darkness He is my star, and in brightness He is my sun;
He is the manna of the camp in the wilderness,
and it is He who makes the feast in the promised land.
Jesus is to me all grace and no wrath, all truth and no falsehood:
And of truth and grace He is full, infinitely full.
My soul, tonight bless with all your might ‘the only Son.'”