So my sis texts me this morning that NKOTB is BACK ON TOUR!!! OK so I really thought I was over them but the minute I heard the famous boy beats I started bobbing my head like Debbie Gibson! The choreography is noticeably tame compared to their old stuff but I get it. These dudes are dads and only one step away from playing Vegas! Does anyone think it’s weird that Jordan looks like an Osmond brother? Also, Joey’s the only one who can actually sing but I don’t care! I love Donnie!!! Oh the memories…listening to my well-worn copy of my “Hangin’ Tough” cassette tape on my first walkman! Just think how much those posters and buttons would be worth now!

Now if I can just find my bowl hat and black vest….oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh….

What’s scary is that they are all way better looking than they were as kids! Now that I am a a grown-up I can actually afford better tickets 😉